Market Data

South Florida Coastal Property brings a unique and different perspective of market data that determines the square foot values on a yearly basis to determine where values were and where they are at. It goes beyond just finding comparable homes that just recently sold, it gives a user the ability to get an insight on residential property values in different areas and of different types of properties.

Top Markets

As South Florida Coastal Property is new, we are beginning with areas that most buyers are interested in, property areas along the South Florida coast. As the data charts grow, users will see which areas are in an uptrend, a downtrend, areas that are hot and which ones are not. By registering, you will receive notifications when charts have been updated with current square footage values.


South Florida Coastal Property provides unique data of South Florida Real Estate property values. This data is presented in charts based on historical square footage values. These charts show where average square foot prices were at as far back as 10 years, in most instances 6 or 7 years. The data gives a market 'picture' of where property square footage was, and is. For more information, please check out our site links above.